Entwistle School

Bell Schedule

School Office Hours: 8am-3:45pm

School Main Phone Number: 1-780-727-3811



8:25am Doors Open; Opening Bell
8:32am Attendance
8:34am O Canada
8:36-9:09am Period 1
9:09-9:42am Period 2
9:42-10:15am Period 3
10:15-10:48am Period 4
10:48-11:04am Morning Recess
11:04-11:37am Period 5
11:37am-12:10pm Period 6
12:10-12:40pm Lunch Recess
12:40-12:57pm Lunch 
12:57-1:30pm Period 7
1:30-2:03pm Period 8
2:03-2:19pm Afternoon Recess
2:19-2:52pm Period 9
2:50pm Early Bus Bell
2:52-3:25pm Period 10
3:25pm Dismissal Bell
3:45pm Office Closes

Modified School Days & Friday Schedule

Entwistle School's daily schedule runs slightly longer than average. To compensate, Modified School Days (on which no school is held) are included in our school year. In addition, Fridays throughout the school year follow the same class schedule as another day of the week on a rotational basis. Please see below for affected days specific to this school year.

2020-2021 Modified School Days (No School)

  • September 25
  • October 23
  • December 18
  • January 22
  • April 23
  • May 14
  • June 4

2020-2021 Friday Schedules

  • September 4 - Monday Schedule
  • September 11 - Tuesday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • September 18 - Wednesday Schedule
  • October 2 - Wednesday Schedule
  • October 16 - Monday Schedule
  • October 30 - Thursday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • November 6 - Wednesday Schedule
  • November 20 - Tuesday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • November 27 - Monday Schedule
  • December 4 - Thursday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • December 11 - Tuesday Schedule
  • January 8 - Wednesday Schedule
  • January 15 - Thursday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • January 29 - Monday Schedule
  • February 19 - Tuesday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • February 26 - Wednesday Schedule
  • March 12 - Thursday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • March 19 - Tuesday Schedule
  • April 9 - Tuesday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • April 16 - Wednesday Schedule
  • April 30 - Thursday Schedule
  • May 7 - Monday Schedule
  • May 28 - Tuesday Schedule
  • June 11 - Wednesday Schedule
  • June 18 - Thursday Schedule (Kindergarten)
  • June 25 - Monday Schedule

About Our Schedule

Our Entwistle class blocks are 33 minutes in length. We have morning, lunch, and an afternoon recess. Students in junior high are permitted to leave school property at the start of lunch recess (12:25) if signed consent has been turned into the office. Students who live in town may go home at the start of lunch (12:10) if signed consent has been turned into the office. Leaving school during the school day is a privilege, and not a right. School administration has the right to remove and/or suspend these privileges as required.  

Attendance is Important

Learning works best when all of our students are in class and on-time. Entwistle students are responsible to make sure that they are supervised at all times.

We know that sometimes students are delivered late to school. When this happens, please check in at the office and let us know you’re here. You should also know that for the purpose of attendance, three lates are equal to one day of missed school. Try your best to always be on time!

If a student’s attendance drops below 85% (if they miss too many days) school administration will discuss the student’s attendance with the child’s parents and try to solve the problem.

If together we cannot solve the problem, we will access Parkland School Division’s attendance officer to set up a meeting with school administration, the student, and the student’s parents. Students are legally required to be at school, and if you they are missing too much school, the Alberta Government steps in to solve the problem.

Sometimes parents may pull students out of school for a vacation that happens during school days. Parents are asked to please discuss the absence with the homeroom teacher or principal and to notify the school secretary.

For more information contact:
Entwistle School 
Phone: 1-780-727-3811
Email: Entwistle@psd70.ab.ca