Entwistle School Homepage News en-us Mon, 21 Jun 2021 13:18:08 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca Summer School @ CFL April 12, 2021 - Parkland School Division offers Summer School for current and incoming high school students at Connections For Learning. Students over age 18 are also welcome to register, and select courses are open to students who have completed Grade 7. Summer School is not only a convenient way to upgrade your marks - it’s also a great opportunity to get a head start on the new school year, freeing up your future schedule for courses you didn’t think you’d have time to take.   Take one of our wide range of available courses, and: Upgrade your marks Make room in your high school schedule for courses that previously wouldn't fit Choose a course delivery method that suits your learning style Explore exciting career opportunities Earn high school credits - even on the job or at summer camp! Registration for Summer School is now open, and will close on Monday, June 21, 2021. Please view the Summer School Registration and Fees pages on the Connections for Learning site for more information and to register. For a detailed list of the courses on offer and their prerequisites, check out the CFL Summer School Courses page. Dates & Times Summer School 2021 will run from Friday, July 2 until Saturday, July 17 using the following schedule: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-3:30pm Saturdays: 8:30am-Noon Please see the CFL school calendar for specific Summer School dates. All Summer School courses must be completed by Noon on Saturday, July 17 - this is also the last day to write final exams. Important Dates The following dates apply to most Summer School courses, with a few exceptions. Teachers will communicate specific details and timelines for each course. April 12 - Summer School registration opens June 7 (or earlier) - Teachers send out introductory email with course information June 21 - Summer School registration closes July 2 - First day of Summer School July 9 - Halfway point (coursework should be at least 50% complete) July 17 - Last day of Summer School; all assignments and non-Diploma exams due at Noon August 3 - English Diploma Exam Part A (9am) August 4 - Social Studies Diploma Exam Part A (9am) August 5 - Mathematics Diploma Exam (9am) August 6 - English Diploma Exam Part B (9am) August 9 - Social Studies Diploma Exam Part B (9am) August 10 - Chemistry (9am) & Biology (1pm) Diploma Exams August 11 - Physics (9am) & Science (1pm) Diploma Exams Please note: All Diploma Exams will be administered at Spruce Grove Outreach. Locations Most Summer School courses will be taught at Spruce Grove Outreach and Connections for Learning. Courses that require specialized equipment or spaces will be based at Memorial Composite High School or Spruce Grove Composite High School. Please see the Adventure & Leadership Camps page on the CFL site for camp location information. Drop off and pick up of course materials will occur at Spruce Grove Outreach, and all Diploma Exams will be administered there as well. Spruce Grove Locations Stony Plain Locations Spruce Grove Outreach 120 St. Matthews Avenue 780-962-1414   Spruce Grove Composite High School 1000 Calahoo Road Connections For Learning 4300-43 Street 780-963-0507   Memorial Composite High School 50 Westerra Centre Course Delivery Methods Most CFL Summer School courses are delivered in one of these three ways. In some instances, students may have the ability to choose the course delivery method that best suits their learning style. Please refer to the legend on each Summer School course page to see the available course delivery methods. In-Person (Synchronous or Asynchronous) Should a designated minimum number of students enrol for an in-person Summer School course, we will deliver a section of that course in a typical teacher-directed classroom style (i.e. synchronous learning). Should student enrolment in a Summer School course not meet the minimum number required for in-person delivery, the class will be offered with teacher support in an asynchronous manner (i.e. students complete their learning on their own time, and can seek help from the teacher as necessary during regular Summer School hours). Print Modular (Asynchronous) Students who prefer to work on their own may opt to complete course modules in print format. Course materials can be picked up at the start of Summer School and returned upon completion (by the July 17 deadline). Students who choose the Print Modular course delivery format will still be able to access a designated site should they need teacher support and/or a quiet place to work. Virtual Learning (Asynchronous) Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule using CFL's online platform.  Students who choose the Virtual Learning course delivery format will still be able to access a designated site should they need teacher support and/or a quiet place to work. Important to Note: Any Summer School course scheduled for in-person delivery may be converted to an online delivery due to COVID-19 health guidelines that may be in place this summer. Summer School courses are fast-paced: every day of Summer School instruction is the equivalent to one week of a high school semester program. Full attendance is required for synchronous classroom courses and no provisions will be made for late starts or early releases. Some courses require final exams. Diploma exams are scheduled for the dates listed above. Students writing non-Diploma exams will coordinate an exam time with their teacher. CFL reserves the right to cancel any class for which the minimum enrollment is NOT reached.   For more information contact: Connections For Learning Phone: 780-963-0507 Email: cfl@psd70.ab.ca   https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=20061&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=20061&stream=Homepage News Honouring Kamloops Residential School Students May 30, 2021 - In Parkland School Division’s Land Acknowledgement that is used to begin formal celebrations, gatherings and meetings it ends with: We respect all cultures with an open heart and an open mind. We ALL heal together. However, our hearts are broken and healing for many is required as we join the nation grieving after the shocking discovery of 215 children in unmarked graves at a site near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. To honour those children and to pay respect to the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation, Parkland School Division will fly our flags at half mast at the Division’s Centre for Education in Stony Plain and at all our schools throughout the Division. PSD schools will pause at 2:15pm on Monday, June 21st (National Indigenous Peoples Day) to once again remember all those students who did not return home as well as offer healing hearts and thoughts to those residential school survivors and families who endure intergenerational trauma from this dark time in our country’s history. At this time, flags will once again be raised as we all move forward on a path to Truth and Reconciliation. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) noted that large numbers of Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools never returned to their home communities. Some children ran away, and others died at the schools. The students who did not return have come to be known as the Missing Children. The Missing Children Project documents the deaths and the burial places of children who died while attending the schools. To date, more than 4,100 children who died while attending a residential school have been identified. Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc is the home community of the Kamloops Indian Residential School which was the largest school in the Indian Affairs residential school system. For more information, visit tkemlups.ca. Talking to Your Children The North American Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response (NACTATR) has compiled a helpful resource to aid parents and guardians in talking about this tragedy with their children. Dr. Marleen Wong makes the following recommendations based on the context of this event and current prevention, intervention and resilience research in child trauma, brain science and the healing power of meaningful connections and conversations between caring adults and children: Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Take stock of your own emotions before talking about the Kamloops tragedy with your child. The purpose of your conversation is to understand and to address your child’s concerns. Your child needs you to be calm and to reassure them that their safety is of greatest important to you.    Listen to your child’s fears, questions and worries to understand what they are thinking or feeling without criticism or judgment.   You can say something to protect them If they ask, “How did the children die?" or "Why did this happen?” For example, they may be wondering “Might this happen to us?” A short, honest, and reassuring answer for a young child would be something like, “This happened when children were separated from their parents for no reason except they were First Nations children. They were forced to live in residential schools where they were treated badly. We don’t allow this to happen anymore. We have laws against it, and leaders who have told us how wrong it was.”   Connect with them in age-appropriate ways. Children in Kindergarten or early elementary grades want to know that they and their loved ones are safe. Let them know they can come to you anytime they feel worried or afraid.    Think together about ways you and your child can reach out and make a difference. You might decide to do a good deed. There may be children in your community who can benefit from kindness and inclusion.   Model kind and sensitive behaviour. Start slowly. In the beginning, keep it brief. Your child will let you know what they are worried about, which will change over time as more is known. We know that hundreds of residential schools will now be subject to the same scrutiny as the former Kamloops Residential School. Even though some of the survivors of Kamloops have said that they were not surprised by the discovery of the child graves, there is more trauma ahead if new discoveries are made about other abuses and losses.   Model tolerance, respect and civic engagement. This is the best way to make sure your child grows up to understand the lessons of the history of Indigenous people. Sponsor a family, help out at a food bank, find a way to give back and help make the world a better place for us all.    In your actions, show that you believe in your child’s resilience. Yes, it is a dangerous world, and there are reasons for fear. That said, they are not alone, and together you can use the lessons of the past to help your child feel empowered by helping to create a world that is safer, kinder, and more loving.   Be creative. Help your child find healing avenues of creative expression, whether musical, visual, linguistic or dance-based, or in some other culturally- or spiritually-relevant way.    Teach your children how to face a crisis. Be honest and provide reliable information. If you don’t know, it’s okay to acknowledge that. You can say, "That’s a really good question; let’s think about how we can find the answers." Don’t overwhelm your child with more than they need to know at the time. Your child will be reassured by your honesty. Children can feel secure in a dangerous world if they feel they have a caring adult they can depend upon and trust.    Share your belief that love is stronger than hate. Help your child move toward constructive actions that fight every kind of bigotry and prejudice. Share stories of the courage of First Nations heroes in everyday life who have stood up to racism and discrimination. Point out ways in which you have observed your child speaking out, reaching out or helping others at home, at school, in clubs, in places of worship or in other activities. For more information, please see the full Rekindled Trauma: Former Kamloops Residential School document from NACTATR. https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24552&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24552&stream=Homepage News Career Explorations Summer Institute May 18, 2021 - Parkland School Division students in Grades 8* and up can start thinking about their future careers now. If students are still undecided about which direction they may want to head, the Career Explorations Summer Institute being offered through Connections for Learning this summer is the answer. High school students can even earn credits at the same time.  For further information or for registration information on this unique summer opportunity, click HERE. As a collaboration between Parkland School Division and the Greater Parkland Chamber of Commerce, the Career Explorations Summer Institute is an opportunity for students to experience various technical courses and Career and Technology Studies (CTS) modules, giving them a brief look at a variety of trade or technology areas or a more intense exploration of one trade or technology area. Career Explorations students will choose from a large number of potential experiences and explore each as long as time allows during the three-week period. Students may attend for one, two or three weeks, depending on their chosen area of focus.   Participants will also have the opportunity to learn from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) staff about careers available in the trades (including information specific to their chosen area of focus), the advantages of and requirements for studying at a polytechnic, and how to apply there for post-secondary. Each course section is 5 days and includes a Saturday. The majority of CTS courses will be offered at Spruce Grove Composite High School. Some learning will be happening in the community with trade partners including Heavy Metal Equipment Rental, Fix-It Right Plumbing, and OK Tire.  Dates & Times: Section 1: July 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 from 8:30am-3:30pm Section 2: July 8, 9, 10, 12 & 13 from 8:30am-3:30pm Section 3: July 14, 15, 16, 17 & 19 from 8:30-3:30pm *Students who have completed Grade 7 will be eligible for the Trade Explorations course. For further information, contact: Mike Partington PSD Vocational Education Coordinator Email: mpartington@psd70.ab.ca Phone: 780-966-2209 https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24534&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24534&stream=Homepage News Virtual Mental Health Education Sessions May 26, 2021 - Alberta Health Services, in collaboration with The Mental Health Foundation, is proud to offer FREE online programming for parents and caregivers of children and youth. Their aim is to increase awareness and reduce stigma of the mental health challenges that children and adolescents experience, provide parents and caregivers with evidence-based mental health information, and provide strategies that support mental wellness. Upcoming Sessions A variety of FREE Virtual Mental Health Education Sessions are being offered this June in three formats: Drop-In Series, Lunch & Learn Webinars and Caregiver Education Sessions. Drop-In Series Drop-In Series are for parents and caregivers who are looking to strengthen their foundational parenting skills, address parenting challenges, learn how to 'bounce back' when faced with stress and anxiety, and support their child’s healthy social and emotional development.   In these series of workshops, caregivers will receive practical information, share parenting tips, and participate in discussion and reflection. Each Drop-In Series is held in multiple parts, consisting of weekly evening sessions from 6-7:30pm. SEEDS: Growing Parenting Skills Managing Meltdowns and Shutdowns - Wednesday, June 2 Helping Our Kids Figure Things Out - Wednesday, June 9 Effective Consequences - Wednesday, June 16   Anxiety Series Part 1: An Introduction - Thursday, June 3 Part 2: Calming Our Bodies - Thursday, June 10 Part 3: Settling Our Minds - Thursday, June 17 Part 4: Overcoming Avoidance - Thursday, June 24 Lunch & Learn Webinars These free 60 minute webinars are for parents/caregivers who are looking to strengthen their child’s/adolescent’s ability to thrive through life’s challenges and discover strategies that can help build resiliency and overall family wellness. Each Lunch & Learn is held in multiple, once-per-week noon hour sessions from 12-1pm. Mindfulness: Benefits for the Whole Family Part 1 - Monday, May 31 Part 2 - Monday, June 7   Parenting Teens in the 21st Century Part 1 - Wednesday, June 2 Part 2 - Wednesday, June 9   Sleep and Your Family's Mental Health Part 1 - Monday, June 14 Part 2 - Monday, June 21 Caregiver Education Sessions The Caregiver Education Sessions focus on the 3 R’s: reduce stigma, receive information, and reflect on strategies. Each session provides evidence-based research, common challenges faced by children and youth, possible treatment options, supportive strategies, and information/resources for further support. These free 90 minute online sessions are intended to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, and community members with introductory information regarding mental health challenges that can affect children and youth.  Each Caregiver Education Session is held in the evening from 6-7:30pm. Supporting Self-Regulation in Elementary School Children - Tuesday, June 1   Technology and the Teenage Brain: Digital Wellness for Families - Tuesday, June 8   More Than Just a Bad Day: Understanding Depression and Self-Injury in Youth - Tuesday, June 15 How to Register To learn more about the available programs and/or to register, please visit the Alberta Health Services Children, Youth & Families, Addiction & Mental Health website at www.cyfcaregivereducation.ca/virtual-education. All sessions will be held online through the Zoom conferencing application. A link to access the online session will be sent by email to those who have registered for the session.   For more information contact: Alberta Health Services Children, Youth & Families, Addiction & Mental Health Phone: 780-342-6885 Email: CYFCaregiverEducation@ahs.ca https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24542&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24542&stream=Homepage News Regular Board Meeting Highlights - May 25, 2021 May 25, 2021 - The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held virtually on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting. Update: The Board approved the 2021-2022 Annual Education Plan. The Education Plan is part of an overall planning cycle which involves: Developing an updating a jurisdictional plan that aligns with the provincial plan for assurance reporting; this includes attending to provincial priority elements and performance measures in alignment with the Division's vision, mission, values and beliefs; Promoting community engagement; Preparing budgets that allocate or re-direct resources to support student learning and achievement; Monitoring implementation and adjusting efforts as needed; Using results to identify areas for improvement and to develop strategies and targets for the next plan; and Communicating with stakeholders (staff, students, parents, or guardians, school councils, the public and Alberta Education) about school authority plans and results. The Board approved the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers as the auditors for Parkland School Division for a period of 5 years as recommended by the Audit Committee. The Board of Trustees approved the Trustee Remuneration Model used for the 2020-2021 school year for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond as recommended by the Audit Committee. The Board of Trustees approved that the 10% reduction to base remuneration be maintained as recommended by the Audit Committee and Board Policy 7: Board Operations is updated to reflect the change. The Board of Trustees approved that the Professional Development budget is reduced by $9,500. Each Trustee will receive $2,000 with an additional $1,500 for the Board Chair. Further, the remaining amount will be allocated to the general Board professional development under direction of the Chair. The general professional development fund will pay for the Alberta School Boards Assocation (ASBA) and Public School Boards' Association of Alberta (PSBAA) general assemblies for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond, as recommended by the Audit Committee. The Board approved the Budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, as recommended by the Audit Committee. The budget indicates a deficit of $2 million which will be offset by the use of Division reserves. Total revenue is $131,880,835 with expenses of $133,880, 835. It is expected that the Division's operating reserves will have a balance of $6,054,698 or 4.52% as of August 31, 2022. Revenues increased by $190,044 from last year's budget while operating expenses increased by $2,190,044. Revenues for 2021-2022 include $5.8 million in Bridge Funding that is expected to be eliminated as the province uses this funding to fund growth throughout the province. The Board received as information, that some of the Division's modular classroom request was granted. Prescott Learning Centre will be receiving 4 new modular classrooms and 1 modular washroom unit while Millgrove School will be receiving 8 new modular classrooms to replace existing older modular classrooms. The Board received as information the Assurance Report for 2020-2021. Working with an Assurance Model of education planning and reporting means that PSD and the Board actively seeks to reveal all avenues for stakeholders to tell us how we are attending to our goals and priorities. Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 9:30 a.m., Centre for Education (Board meetings will be hosted virtually until further notice.) https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24540&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24540&stream=Homepage News Online Learning Schedule Good morning, Entwistle Families! I have emailed a general online learning schedule for your reference. It will give you an idea as to when teachers have scheduled whole-group Gmeets or "office hours" if your child needs clarification or assistance.Teacher(s) will keep you informed as to when they will be doing any small groups, etc. Please check your email for more details and let us know if you have any issues opening the document. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. We are here to help! Shelly Wiebe   https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24524&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24524&stream=Homepage News Wildfire Update May 7, 2021 - Dear Parents & Guardians of Entwistle School, This is just a quick note to let you all know that we’re all thinking about you and we hope everyone is safe at this time. We know some of you are busy dealing with the evacuation orders that came in the middle of the night from Parkland County Emergency Services. Others are preparing just in case. Please know that we will be here to support our families when and if you need us and can point you in the direction to resources you may need to help guide you and your children through what may be an emotional experience. Wildfires present a variety of unique issues and coping challenges. We will be here for you when the time comes. Sincerely, Shelly Wiebe, Principal Entwistle School   https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24519&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24519&stream=Homepage News K-12 Students Shift to Online Learning For Two Weeks May 4, 2021 - Alberta has entered a critical stage of the pandemic - the arrival of highly transmissible variants have put pressure on our health care system. Public health measures are required to protect the health system and reduce the rising spread of COVID-19 provincewide. Additional restrictions come into effect for regions with high case rates, starting May 5. Provincewide measures continue to apply to all other areas. This includes temporary measures that will affect all PSD students beginning Friday, May 7th.  Alberta Government Release Alberta’s government recently announced that Grades 7 to 12 students of schools located within the boundaries of several municipalities will temporarily shift to at-home/online learning.   Given the significant impacts of COVID-19 in communities around Alberta, we announced today that all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students across the province will now temporarily shift to at-home learning beginning May 7, with a return to in-school learning on May 25.  This decision is part of a province-wide approach to limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as to relieve some operational strains our system has experienced. As you know, schools in Alberta have been experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers, rising numbers of students and staff in quarantine or isolation, and increased community spread – which is reflected in the increasing number of cases in schools. This will allow for a reset within the school system, which will allow us to return to in-class learning and have a strong finish to the school year. During this time, learning for all students will continue.   As more details become available in the next day or two, they will be shared by your school principal and classroom teachers.  We know there will be a lot of questions and these new restrictions may cause a level of hardship for some families and students. We are confident that our teachers, principals and school staff members will once again adapt and support our students during these uncertain times.    Take care and stay safe everyone. Shauna Boyce, Superintendent Parkland School Division https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24506&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24506&stream=Homepage News Regular Board Meeting Highlights - May 4, 2021 May 4, 2021 - The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held virtually on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting. Update: The Board welcomed a delegation virtually to speak on the topic of Nutrition Initiatives in Parkland School Division. Wellness Coordinator, Felicia Ochs was joined by Principals Fran Bell (Tomahawk School), Anil Padayas (Greystone Centennial Middle School) who highlighted Nutrition Nooks and Lost Lunch programs. Community partner Save-On Foods was represented by Store Manager Scott Karran who spoke about the well-received 5-a-day Mystery Fruit bag available for free at both Save-on-Foods and North Central Co-op. The Board approved the 2021-2022 Budget Assumptions as recommended by the Audit Committee. The Board is required to provide a 2021-2022 budget to Alberta Education by May 31st. The budget assumptions include key components of the budget including revenues, allocations to schools, enrolments, and key expenditures including staffing. The board approved a new logo for Parkland School Division. The PSD Logo Refresh - Update highlights the process for the Division's development and launching of a new logo which supports both the Vision and Mission of PSD. The Board approved a recommendation that the Board Chair write a letter to Education Minister Adriana LaGrange providing feedback on the Draft K-6 Curriculum. The Board discussed the Draft K-6 Curriculum at the April 27, 2021 PSD Tomorrow meeting. Discussion focused on the process for curriculum development; timeliness of the release of the draft curriculum; impact of COVID-19 on staff and students in relation to piloting a draft curriculum; and key areas of concern received from parents, staff and trustees. The Board received as information the Strategic Communications Department Report, as presented by Director, Jordi Weidman. The Board received as information the Learning and Technology Assurance Report, as presented by Divsion Principal, Instructional Services Kathy Mann and Director, Technology Services, Mark Karaki. The Board received as information the Draft Education Plan. School authority planning is an integral component of school authority accountability and assurance. The Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the Executive Team, Lead Team, parents and students, develops the annual Education Plan to set out the deliverable actions for the following year.  Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 9:30 a.m., Centre for Education (Board meetings will be hosted virtually until further notice.) https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24505&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24505&stream=Homepage News Visual Arts Celebration May 3, 2021 - The Visual Arts Celebration is a showcase of early years, middle years and senior high art work displayed for the enjoyment of students, parents, and community members of Parkland School Division. Typically, schools take turns hosting the event, which occurs each year at the beginning of May. As this is anything but a typical school year, however, the Visual Arts Celebration has transitioned to an online format. The exemplary student artwork featured in the Visual Arts Celebration has been chosen by teachers to represent each school in the Division. Of the artwork that is chosen for the celebration, three pieces from each school are selected for extended display at the Centre for Education from June 2021 through June 2022. All of the pieces on extended display will be returned to the students by the end of June 2022. Congratulations to all students whose artwork is featured in the celebration slideshow, and/or on the walls of the Division Office. We hope you and your families enjoy and take inspiration from all the beautiful and creative compositions showcased below. For more information contact: Parkland School Division Phone: 780-963-4010 Email: DivisionOffice@psd70.ab.ca https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24492&stream=Homepage News https://entwistle.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=24492&stream=Homepage News