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Superintendent Tim Monds Retirement Announcement

October 3, 2017 - It is with a mix of gratitude and regret that Parkland School Division’s Board of Trustees announces the retirement of Tim Monds as Superintendent & CEO of Parkland School Division No. 70, effective May 31, 2018. Since 2010, Tim’s leadership has been a huge asset to the Division positioning PSD as a progressive, innovative and inclusive school jurisdiction that always puts students first.

Over the coming months, a Board Committee will be conducting a search to find the new Superintendent and CEO of Parkland School Division. In the meantime, PSD will benefit from and will continue to be lead by Monds and the dynamic executive leadership team of Deputy Superintendent Shauna Boyce along with Associate Superintendent’s Claire Jonsson, Scott Johnston and Dr. Dianne McConnell.

“On one hand, we are so very happy for Tim to move on to a new chapter in his life with family and friends. It will be a time for a well-deserved rest, then on to new adventures.” stated Board Chair Eric Cameron.

“On the other hand, we are losing a highly committed and visionary leader; one who has lead Parkland School Division to great heights and enviable standing on the provincial, national and international stage. We are very honored to have worked closely with Tim over the years and can safely say that Parkland School Division is in a good place thanks, in large part, to his leadership and guidance. The Board expresses its sincere appreciation and offers a genuine best of luck in all of Tim’s future endeavours as he takes time to enjoy his extended family and friends and pursues his passions for exploration and travel.”

“It is with mixed emotion I announce my retirement. I have truly enjoyed my time as Superintendent for Parkland School Division.” said Monds.

“PSD truly is a learning organization focused on providing quality educational opportunities for our children in a world that is continuously opening up for our students and staff. It has been a honor to work with such a dedicated team of Trustees, Senior Executive, our Leadership Team of Principals and Assistant Principals, teachers, support staff and ultimately our entire community. In Parkland School Division, children have always remained our focus. I am proud we have all come together to understand that all must be well to succeed. I wish PSD continued success and look forward to having new adventures with my wife Patricia, our family including all the grandchildren and our friends.”

Tim Monds has been an educational leader for over 36 years. His journey through four Alberta school divisions included time as a K-12 teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent.  Tim was appointed as Superintendent of Parkland School Division in 2010 and lead a staff of approximately 1,200 serving close to 11 thousand students in both urban and rural communities. Under Tim’s leadership, Parkland School Division created a vision and mission that is fostering classroom settings focused on imagination, creativity and exploration for all learners.  His areas of expertise included Human Resources, policy development, facility planning, leadership development, Occupational Health and Safety, planning and reporting, staff growth and supervision, professional development, and public relations.  

In 2016-2017, Tim received the provincial EXL Award for Excellence in School System Leadership from the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS). The award is granted to outstanding educators who exhibit exemplary leadership ability and who have enhanced the profession of school system administration throughout their career.

Monds was credited for establishing a culture of learning and trust within Parkland School Division. His focus on relationship building has resulted in Division staff expressing they feel valued and heard. Other accomplishments attributed to Monds included a leadership development program, a wellness program and alignment of wrap-around services to support all students.

Under Monds’s leadership, the Division has established numerous partnerships with community organizations, included the YMCA, Human Services and all the municipalities that make up Parkland School Division. He has served on CASS and community executive committees, and has presented locally, provincially, nationally and internationally doing an admirable job representing Parkland School Division while highlighting PSD’s leading-edge initiatives in the areas of technology and innovation, school-community partnerships, and comprehensive school health.

For further information, contact:

Eric Cameron
Board Chair, Parkland School Division
Email: ecameron@psd70.ab.ca