Entwistle School


Administrative Appointments for 2019-2020

April 8, 2019 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools, Shauna Boyce is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments for the 2019-2020 school year effective August 2019.  Three retirement announcements from Gail Ferguson (Muir Lake), Cheryl Johnson (Meridian Heights), and Brian Sydora (Duffield School) initiated a wave of changes on Parkland School Division’s Leadership Team.

A number of Principals will be moving within the Division. In addition, two Principals have accepted roles as Assistant Principals in new buildings. With the increase in alternative programming across the Division, there is a need to split the administrative duties of Connections for Learning and Forest Green. For that reason, a principalship has been created with a focus on Outreach Programs connected to Connections For Learning, Spruce Grove Composite High School Outreach, Memorial Composite High School Outreach and a Middle Years Outreach program based in Spruce Grove. Also, a new position has been created with the addition of a Director of Education Services.

The new Director of Education Services is a two-year designation that will include but is not limited to leading a facilitation team for STEM, Literacy, assessment and professional development, attending to a new curriculum implementation, continuing the journey with a systemic overhaul of assessment and reporting, (including the development and implementation of a new Grades 1-9 Progress Report, and contributing significantly to the planning, scheduling and implementation of PowerSchool (PowerTeacher) for K-9 educators.

“We’d like to thank Mrs. Ferguson, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Sydora for their exemplary years of service in Parkland School Division. That’s a lot of experience and commitment to children leaving us but it’s also an exciting time for our Leadership Team. Change brings a different perspective. The road map may alter, but we are all working toward delivering our Vision and Mission to our students on a daily basis,”   said Superintendent Boyce.

“We build relationships slowly, through consistent actions, over time and we make an impact in the same way. Our current leaders and those who will be entrusted with new leadership responsibilities all possess qualities and characteristics that put Parkland School Division in the best position to make that impact for our children.”

Seba Beach School’s Principal will be announced in the coming days. 

The Division is currently in the process of selecting candidates for a number of vacant Assistant Principal positions.  These positions will be filled in the coming weeks.

Travis McNaughton, Principal
Outreach (CFL, SGCHS, MCHS)

Travis earned a combined five-year Bachelor degree in Education and Physical Education, with a minor in English Language Arts from the University of Alberta in April 2005. He is completing his Masters in Educational Leadership: Leading and Learning this April. Beginning in 2011, Travis served as Assistant Principal at Muir Lake School before moving to Parkland Village School to become Principal in 2014. Travis served as Principal for Connections For Learning, Brightbank Academy, and Forest Green School for the past three years.  

"I am honoured and excited to continue working with the community at Connections for Learning and Brightbank Academy.” stated McNaughton.
“I am also looking forward to collaborating with all of our outreach communities. I look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with the students, community, parents, and staff that continue to foster powerful learning opportunities for the students." 

Dianne Jewell, Principal
Duffield School (K-9)

Dianne Jewell began her teaching career in 2007 with Aspen View Public Schools as a Grade 8 and 9 Humanities teacher at Edwin Parr School. She also taught the Knowledge and Employability Program for 5 years at that same school. Her transition to administrative roles began in 2016 as Vice Principal for Edwin Parr School. She's been the Principal at Grassland Community School (Kindergarten to Grade 10) since September of 2018.

Ms. Jewell earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 2005. She is currently enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan's Educational Foundations Indigenous Land-Based Learning Masters of Education program, with a focus on the Indigenous paradigm.

"I am excited to be joining the Parkland School Division team and look forward to learning with my new community."

Shaye Patras, Principal
École Meridian Heights School (K-9)

Shaye graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Alberta. In 2010, Shaye earned a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. Shaye began his career with Parkland in 2002, working as a teacher at Woodhaven. He was seconded to Alberta Education for the 2005/2006 school year and then transferred to Greystone Centennial Middle School for the 2006/07 school year. In September, 2007, Shaye joined the Learning Services Department as a Curriculum Facilitator, providing direction and leadership to teachers and administrators in areas such as curriculum implementation, professional development and assessment. In 2008 Shaye moved to Seba Beach School as Principal and held the post as Principal of Blueberry School from 2011 to 2014 before moving to his current post as Principal of Woodhaven Middle School in Spruce Grove.

"It has been an honour to serve the Woodhaven learning community for the past five years. I have learned so much with and from the parents, students and staff of the Wolfpack! I am looking forward to the new experiences and opportunities that await at École Meridian Heights School."

Christin Blair, Principal
Entwistle School (K-9)

Christin Blair began her teaching career in 2006 teaching high school subjects at the Kipohtakaw Education Centre for Alexander First Nations after obtaining a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta. Christin began an association with the Calgary Board of Education in 2007 with the online learning environment CBe-Learn followed by two separate teaching stops at Nickle Middle School. During the 2010-2011 school year, she moved to B.C. to become an in-school technology assistant and specialist with Prince Rupert Secondary School in School District 52. Christin was Vice Principal of Prince Rupert Middle School from September 2014 to July 2018. Her most recent post was Vice Principal of Vedder Middle School in Chilliwack, B.C.

Christin has her Masters of Education in Education Studies from the University of Alberta with a focus on Leadership and School Improvement.

“I am delighted to be joining the Parkland Team. I believe in the power of positive supportive relationships and I look forward to being part of the Entwistle School and community.”

Nealle Dickson, Principal
Forest Green School (K-6)

Nealle began her teaching career with Parkland School Division after earning her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 2001. She taught a Grade 5/6 split class for 4 years at Tomahawk School. Nealle taught at Muir Lake School from 2005 to 2015 in various classrooms from Grades 3 to 8. Her first foray into school administration was as Acting Assistant Principal for Muir Lake School for the 2014-15 school year. She became Assistant Principal for École Meridian Heights School for the 2015-16 school year.  Part way through the 2015/2016 school year, Nealle accepted the Assistant Principal position at Prescott Learning Centre where she is currently. Nealle has recently completed her Masters Degree from the University of Calgary in Educational Leadership.

“Although I am going to miss the students, parents and staff of Prescott Learning Centre tremendously, I am beyond excited to join the team at Forest Green as their Principal to support the great work already underway! I believe that the needs of students are best met when we all work together to build relationships focusing on the strengths of our learners.”

Corey Haley, Principal
Graminia School (K-9)

Corey Haley is a graduate from the French Immersion program at Spruce Grove Composite High School and has taught at a range of schools in Parkland and on Vancouver Island. He was appointed Assistant Principal of École Broxton Park School in 2011. He then moved to Graminia School in 2015 as Assistant Principal. He continues to be involved in professional learning and service to teaching through his volunteer work with different conferences throughout Canada, his podcast Intersection Education, and contributing to academic journals by recently publishing an article he co-authored in the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Corey earned a Baccalauréat-es-Éducation from the University of Alberta in 2003 and in 2008, a Masters in Education (Leadership Studies) from the University of Victoria.

“I am excited to continue the great work that is happening at Graminia in a new role. We have strong community support and a wonderful staff that works hard to ensure an outstanding school.”

Anil Padayas, Principal
Greystone Centennial Middle School (Grades 5-9)

Anil began his teaching career in Parkland School Division in 1992 on a short term contract teaching Grade 7 Math/Science at Stony Plain Central School.  He went on to teach Junior and Senior High School Mathematics for 10 years in Grande Prairie and area leading to his first post as an Assistant Principal at the Peace Wapiti Academy.  Anil is no stranger to the Kindergarten to Grade 9 school environment having served as Principal at Penson School just outside of Grande Prairie for 2 years before joining the team at Spruce Grove Composite High School in 2009.  Anil has also stepped up to the role of Acting Principal at SGCHS when called upon. Anil has been the Principal at Graminia School since 2016.

Anil earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a major in Secondary Mathematics and minor in General Sciences.  He obtained a Masters Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Leadership from the University of Northern British Columbia. 

"As I am parting from Graminia School, I am very grateful to the wonderful staff, students and parents in the Graminia Community.  I am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities as being the Principal of Greystone Centennial Middle School."

Murray Marran, Principal
Muir Lake School (K-9)

Murray Marran began his teaching career in 1998 as a Secondary IB French Literature Teacher at Western Canada High School in Calgary after obtaining his Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. His administrative career has more of a business and finance pedigree which led him to roles as the Director of Admissions and Director of Finance (Chief Financial Officer) for West Island College. He joined the High Prairie School Division in 2011 where was a Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and District Principal of Accountability for High Prairie School Division.  Murray has been in his current post as Principal of Entwistle School since the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.
Murray has a Master’s of Education from the University of Calgary as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C.

“I am honoured to be continuing Mrs. Gail Ferguson's work, and I look forward to working with the talented students and staff at the school.  Together, we will keep our school community strong and honour and preserve the culture of excellence built up over the years at Muir Lake School.”

Chris Shaw, Principal
Woodhaven Middle School, (Grades 5-9)

Chris Shaw is currently in his 23rd year in education and all but two of his years in his professional career have been with Parkland School Division.  Upon completion of his Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education English and Social Studies, Chris began his journey at Mayerthorpe Junior/Senior High School.  His 19 years at Spruce Grove Composite High School included 5 years as the English Department Head before starting his administrative career in 2010 as a Grade Coordinator.  Chris has been in his current role as Assistant Principal since 2011:  five years at Spruce Grove Composite, and the past two-and-a-half years at Memorial Composite.  Chris also earned a Master’s degree from the Department of Educational Policy Studies in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of Alberta in 2014. Chris currently sits on the Provincial Zone 2-3 Planning Committee for High School Redesign and is a member of Alberta Education's High School Completion External Committee.

“I very much look forward to working with such a progressive staff at Woodhaven Middle School with an outstanding reputation for promoting student success and well-being.  As a vibrant community of learners, I am excited to be part of Woodhaven’s modernization project as we continue to meet the needs of our students: both for today and in the future. Go Wolfpack!”

Katherine Mann - Director Education Services

Katherine started her career and journey with Parkland School Division in 1992 following a Bachelor of Education degree with Distinction from the University of Alberta. Her first year was serving students as a Grade 4-9 French teacher and Grade 8 Language Arts before making the move the following year to Duffield School where she stayed for 12 years teaching a variety of grades and subjects. She led choral and music productions and coached volleyball, basketball and track & field. Katherine's first foray into Administration was as the Assistant Principal at Duffield School from 2003 to 2005. She was Principal at Tomahawk School for 5 years and then moved to Spruce Grove for a brief stay at École Broxton Park School as an Assistant Principal before moving into her current position as Assistant Principal at Spruce Grove Composite High School in 2011.

Katherine earned her Masters in Education with a focus on leadership in June 2008. Ms. Mann has extensive experience in the areas of Instructional Leadership and has contributed on a number of fronts divisionally when it comes to assessment and reporting.

“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to begin the work," said Mann.

Shawna Stewart, Assistant Principal
Prescott Learning Centre (K-9)

Mrs. Stewart earned her Bachelor of Education – secondary route from the University of Alberta in 1998. She started her teaching career with Parkland School Division back in 2000 working with the Learning Line (virtual school) program in École Broxton Park. After moving away to teach in the Wetaskiwin Regional School Division, Shawna returned to PSD in 2007 teaching at Greystone Centennial Middle School followed by becoming a Learning Coach in 2010. Her first assignment as an administrator was as Assistant Principal at Stony Plain Central School in 2011. Shawna has been Principal of Seba Beach School since September of 2015.

Shawna is currently working on a Masters of Education at Concordia University in Curriculum & Instruction.

“I am very excited & honoured to be joining the team at Prescott Learning Centre!  I look forward to getting to know the staff, students and community, as well as having the opportunity to be apart of the collaborative environment Prescott is known for. A piece of my heart will alway be in Seba Beach School. I have learned a lot over the last 5 years and will cherish every memory.”

Darla Villeneuve, Assistant Principal
Stony Plain Central School (K-9)

Darla began her teaching career in 2000 in the Lloydminster Catholic school district.  Her Parkland School Division career began as a teacher at Entwistle School for three school years starting in 2002.  She became an Assistant Principal at Duffield School and formed part of  the leadership team of the Duffield-Keephills Connection during the 2014-15 school year.  Darla moved into her first role as Principal at Greystone Centennial Middle School where she’s been since 2015.

Darla earned her Education Degree at the University of Saskatchewan and is currently pursuing her Masters in Teaching and Learning from the University of Ottawa.

“I have enjoyed the past 4 years at Greystone Centennial Middle School and have been privileged to learn from the wonderful staff, students and families. I am excited to join the team at Stony Plain Central and work along with the staff and administrative team as they embark on the journey of building a new school.”