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New Vision & Mission

June 11, 2019 - At the June 11, 2019 Regular Board Meeting, the Parkland School Division Board of Trustees approved the new Vision and Mission with the amendment and approval of Board Policy 1: Division Foundational Statements. The revisions come after months of engagement with stakeholders including staff, school administrators, a Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Team, a Students Advisory Committee, parents and the general public. 

Based on the significant feedback received through various engagements, Parkland School Division Trustees and administration drafted updated vision, mission, and values statements that reflect core stakeholder input. Stakeholders support a strong focus on confidence and resilience. They expressed their support for healthy relationships, as this builds resilience which is important for motivating students beyond academics. The Ultimate Goal of Parkland School Division remains the same: Student Success & Well-being.

The final version of these statements reflects the positive and passionate future of Parkland School Division and offers a strong foundation as the Board provides governance and leadership in the years to come.

Our Vision

Our students possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in and positively impact the world.

Our Mission

We assure supportive learning environments, meaningful experiences and healthy relationships that create opportunities to develop resilience, to gain diversity in perspectives and to achieve enduring success.

Foundational Statements

Our Ultimate Goal is Student Success and Well-Being.

We therefore value: 

  • Learning opportunities that are:
    • Purposeful
    • Essential
    • Relevant
    • Authentic
    • Responsive
  • Excellence in achievement
  • Trustworthy, respectful relationships
  • Resilience with self-awareness

We attend to these Priorities:

  • Inspired Exploration
  • Connected Community
  • Confident Resilience
  • Meaningful Engagement
  • Wellness Culture
  • Resource Stewardship

For more information contact:
The Division Office
Phone: 780-963-4010
Email: DivisionOffice@psd70.ab.ca