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2019 Report Card Changes

November 19, 2019 - Parents may notice a few changes when they access their child's next report card on the PowerSchool parent portal. Every K-9 school in Parkland School Division uses the same report card format, and this format was recently updated in response to feedback from parents, students and teachers throughout the Division.

Our report card review process for the Grade 1-9 report card began in June of 2018 in response to our Spring ThoughtExchange process and May 4, 2018 Stakeholder Engagement. Additional engagements occurred throughout this school year, including:

  • A student engagement on assessment and reporting;
  • Parent engagements through the Council of Student Council;
  • Engagements with the Alberta Teachers’ Association Local 10;
  • A Teacher Advisory Engagement; and
  • Several engagements with School Administration.

PSD parents emphasized their desire for a simplified report card, and this revised format is a reflection of this sentiment. The new report card lays out four distinct levels of achievement (Excellent, Competent, Satisfactory and Insufficient) with their corresponding meanings. Students in Grades 1-4 will be marked with their level of achievement, while students in Grades 5-9 will also receive a percentage range with their level of achievement. Teachers will report one level of assessment for each school subject.

In addition, teachers will also use Standards & Criteria guidelines to provide comments on how each student is doing in specific learning areas, including Knowledge & Skills, Literacy, Communication, Problem Solving, Collaboration and Metacognition (i.e. thinking about thinking). These standards should give parents a better understanding of their child's level of achievement, as it is possible for students to demonstrate differing levels of mastery in using the skills they need for a single class.

Currently, our high school students and their parents enjoy access to their progress through the online grade book via the PowerSchool parent portal. The plan is to have this PowerSchool access expand to all grades from one through twelve. This will involve training at the teacher level throughout 2019-2020, with full implementation of the online grade book for PowerSchool in 2020-2021.

Director of Instructional Services, Katherine Mann, explains the format and goals of the new report card in the video below:

For full details, visit the Parkland School Division Report Card page.

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Katherine Mann
Director, Instructional Services
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