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Board Votes to Close Seba Beach School

March 17, 2020 - At a Special Board Meeting March 17, 2020, Parkland School Division’s Board of Trustees voted 5 - 2 in favour of permanently closing Seba Beach School, effective June 30, 2020.  

Attendance areas will be determined by the Board in the near future. Options for cross attendance choices to other schools could be explored with any interested families. Those will be available where space and resources permit and Parkland School Division and Seba Beach School Staff are committed to making transitions as smooth as possible. 

The closure is a result of the ongoing reality that includes declining enrollment at the school combined with very little projected growth in the area. As outlined in the Seba Beach School Viability Report, many factors weighed into the decision including, but not limited to, enrollment, maintenance costs, school capacity, as well as the financial aspect involved. The Board is tasked with the responsibility to apply principles of resource stewardship while keeping the best interests of all 11,000+ students in mind which ultimately led to this difficult decision. 

“This has definitely been a difficult decision for the Board and one that has not been taken lightly.” stated Board Chair Lorraine Stewart.

“We, as trustees, have had to consider this decision as it fits with our Division goals and priorities. We have heard that families are passionate about their school and appreciative of the educational experience staff provide in their current setting. We have no doubt that these experiences will continue and will be enhanced in viable school environments with larger communities. Our Board is committed to supporting smooth, well-planned transitions with parents, students and staff as they plan for their new educational future in Parkland School Division.”  

"Students at Seba Beach School have been receiving an outstanding educational experience and we are very proud of the staff and students," said Superintendent Shauna Boyce. 

"Although we will mourn the loss of Seba Beach School, we are seeing a bright future for transitions to different school communities beginning in the 2020-2021 school year."    

Even with the uncertainty surrounding the balance of the 2019-2020 school year with this provincial COVID-19 response, we are committed to the smooth transitioning for students. When possible, we will come together to celebrate Seba Beach School and give students the opportunity for some closure with proper goodbyes for those who need it.

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